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   Greenville Baptist Church has long been a mission-oriented church and takes seriously Jesus’s teaching to serve others.  In John 20:21, He says, "Peace be with you. As the Father sent me, I send you."
   At Greenville Baptist Church, we strive today to be the hands and feet of Christ, ministering to others, going where he would go, to bring food to the hungry, clothes to those in need and help to those who ask.
Here are a few of our ministries.
   If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the church at Welcome @ or you can make a donation using our online giving button above, noting “For Missions.” Please check with our church office to see what opportunities are current, as there may be changes in programs or emphasis.

International Missions and Trips
International MIssions and Trips
International MIssions and Trips
International MIssions and Trips
International MIssions and Trips
International MIssions and Trips
Medical and construction trips to the Dominican Republic, church building and pastor support in Honduras; and school support in Uganda.

U.S. Missions and Trips
Hurricane or tornado relief and repairs. We look to God for His direction and try to be His stewards in serving others, as we are able.

Lunch with Friends
Monthly free lunch to church and community members.

Veterans Ministries
Veteran Gift Bags
Gift bags provided to Veterans in a local care facility. Remembrances to those lost; Support for local Operation Stand Down.

Thrift Shop

Open for purchases or donations
Friday 9-2; Saturdays 9-12.

Help for the Homeless
Regular support to provide needed items such as coats, socks, boots or bedding, pillows, hygiene items, books, or toys.

Food Ministries
Our Food pantry is open Saturdays 10-12, and we provide support to other local food pantries. Meals or soup to sick or elderly in the community is available. Holiday food baskets or gift cards and occasional food or gas gift cards are available to those in need.

Home Habilitation
Home Habilitation
Home repairs or assistance has been provided to local families (on a limited basis)

Managing the Cold
Gloves, hats, occasionally coats and boots to homeless, or needy through our mitten tree.

Other Opportunities
Mentoring opportunities with inner City youth, Providing English language support to newcomers to Rhode Island, and support for refugee resettlement via area agencies.
We support American Baptist Home and International Ministries and missionaries in various ways, through donations, conferences, and visits.